Revelation Unveiled

Saints of God Awake! There is much amiss …

The Revelation OF Jesus Christ

The Revelation OF Jesus Christ

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth please link, forward, share this blog site with any and all that you can for the Time Is At Hand!

These are the most important revelations of the Lord, next to the very Word of God, you could ever hear as a Christian, it has to do with your eternal destiny (not with your salvation) but WHO you (we) will be before the Lord Jesus FOREVER!  The subject is so vast and of such great consequence as to be almost impossible to cover in few words, but THE DARKNESS IS PAST THE LIGHT HAS COME.  Babylon the Great has been revealed and the Lord will burn her down with fire. Click on the link “The Absolute Truth” to begin to understand the severity of the problem.


The YouTube link directly below is my testimony entitled TESTIMONY OF A RESURRECTED “DEAD” MAN. My complete testimony is contained in video’s #1 and #2.

Further information may be found as to what EXACTLY the message of the Lord is concerning the Truth for the Church in these last days in the YouTube video’s under the heading of SAINTS OF GOD AWAKE!  Click on the YouTube playlist link shown below to have available all the teachings contained in the book “THERE IS NO” which OPENS EVERY PROPHECY contained in the Book of Daniel jot for jot and tittle for tittle.

There are a total of 17 video’s on the subject of the book THERE IS NO.  The video’s have to be watched sequentially, from the first to the last, in order to see the entire picture.  If you jump from here to there it will only be confusion (Babylon The Great.)


Judgment does indeed begin at the house of God and the error is so grievous and of such magnitude that to explain in few words is next to  impossible. The size of the deception is so large and seemingly so benign as to be almost inconsequential, but a little leaven has definitely spoiled the whole loaf.

All the prophecies of Daniel and the entire Book of Revelation make this fact abundantly clear, but it has to be seen in its entirety or it can be painted in many different ways, as we can certainly see by the vast amounts of ideas that have been and are being set forth in these last days.

They would say, “See here, or see there.”  However, in so doing they can’t quite tie in this one thing or that.  The Truth lies in a complete line upon line revelation of all the verses of both Daniel and The Book of Revelation, whereby every mention of these things (stars falling, one taken another left, sign of the son of man, etc.etc.) in all other places in Scripture can be gathered together in a complete picture with NOTHING left out.

We are exhorted of the Lord to come out of her my people, and we will all come out either willingly or unwillingly, the choice is ours to make.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Steve Kelly

The Revelation OF Jesus Christ

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